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Caring for Those Who Care

The care that has been shown to Genesis employees and managed employees has certainly grown through the years.  Since the Genesis Employee Foundation began its good work in 2005, an average of 15 grants requests were processed monthly.  In 2010, the average monthly number has grown to 85.

If you are, or if you know a Genesis employee or managed employee who is suffering an unforeseen hardship, you can complete a Request for Employee Grant Form.

Below, you will find heart-warming stories from our Foundation ambassadors, who, in spite of their hardships, keep their spirits high:


Daughter-in-law of LPN Cynthia
West Virginia

  • Kristina died this past April in a car accident. She was 7-months pregnant with daughter Kayla Maria, who also died.
  • Kristina and her husband Jeremy met while working together. They married in 2003.
  • Kristina is survived by her 5-year-old son Joey and husband Jeremy.

The Genesis Employee Foundation helped support the family with funeral expenses and grief counseling.



Daughter of FSD Chris
New Hampshire

  • Emma was born a fighter. She was 3 months early and weighing less than two pounds and could fit in the palm of her loving father Chris’ hand
  • Emma spent the first 6 months of her life in the hospital fighting for every breath. When she was strong enough to transfer she was rushed to Children’s Hospital in Boston to have her heart repaired. This was the first of many surgeries Emma would need to have before she was the age of 3
  • Emma also had a brain aneurysm repaired. It was at this time that GEF supported father Chris with medical expenses and EAP counseling

Emma is now 5-years-old and loves the life she fought
so hard for. She enjoys riding and showing horses and has
received lots of ribbons.



Daughter of CNA Sally
New Jersey

  • Sally’s daughter Sheila unexpectedly passed away
  • Sally’s grandson Nicholas was left to her care
  • The financial impact pf paying for her daughter’s funeral was overwhelming
  • Today, Sally and Nicholas are doing well. Nicholas just started the 10th grade, and Sally shares, “I was so thankful my Administrator let me know about GEF. You helped me during such a sad time for Nicholas and me.”

The Genesis Employee Foundation helped support Sally with funeral expenses.


New Hampshire

  • Felicia had seven hospital procedures in two years.
  • During this time, she gave birth to her daughter
  • With medical bills totaling over $7,000, Felicia was struggling with living expenses

GEF assisted Felicia in paying for some of her medical expenses and worked with her to get her remaining medical bills on a monthly payment schedule.


Rehab Tech

  • John’s wife Teresa experienced complications from her pregnancy.
  • Baby Faith also had complications and was born with ACC, Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum.
  • Faith is missing the center part of her brain that connects the two hemispheres.

GEF assisted John in paying for some medical expenses and John’s unpaid leave.