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Request a Grant

Guidelines and Instructions for Requesting a Grant


  • The Genesis Employee Foundation assists employees and managed employees of Genesis HealthCare who are experiencing unforeseen hardships.  Examples include expenses due to unplanned funeral expenses, medical emergencies, domestic abuse situations and loss or severe damage of home due to natural disasters.  Other situations will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the GEF Voting Committee.
  • Genesis Employee Foundation grant applicants must be active, current employees or managed employees of Genesis HealthCare.
  • The Genesis Employee Foundation works closely with Genesis HealthCare to provide all employees access to the Genesis Employee Assistance Program (EAP) through HMS to provide counseling, legal and other resources that may help employees through times of hardship.  GEF may require employees to seek EAP assistance prior to being considered for a GEF grant.
  • Employees may complete the “Request for Employee Grant Form” themselves or a co-worker may complete and submit a grant request on behalf of a co-worker.  Links to these forms are found on the GEF page on Central (Genesis intranet).
  • Applicable bills should be faxed to 610-347-6217.  If the Foundation receives a submission without supporting documentation, the requestor will receive a personal phone call requesting such documentation.  Failure to submit required documentation within 10 business days will result in the request being withdrawn from consideration.  If the requestor is able to acquire the supporting documentation after it has been withdrawn and wishes to re-submit the request with the required documentation, he/she may do so.
  • Genesis Employee Foundation considers all information regarding grants personal and highly confidential.  Your information is sent directly to the Foundation and is never shared outside of the Foundation.  You, your supervisor and anyone who assists employees with the grant submission process, is also expected to protect the confidential information.
  • Employment decisions at Genesis HealthCare are never impacted by an employee’s involvement with the Genesis Employee Foundation.
  • The Genesis Employee Foundation does not approve grant requests for situations not qualifying as an unforeseen hardship in a grant category.  For example, grant requests for auto repairs, home maintenance/improvement/repairs, etc. are not eligible.