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Self-Reliance Corner

Self-Reliance Checklist

  1. Am I managing my finances to avoid unnecessary debt?
  2. Am I preparing financially for unexpected illness, emergencies and retirement?
  3. Do I take good care of my possessions and property?
  4. Can I sustain myself and my family?
  5. Am I doing all I can to be physically fit and maintain proper weight?
  6. Do I eat nutritiously and maintain sanitary conditions to prevent illness?
  7. Am I able to treat simple illness and injury, and do I seek proper medical care (for myself and members of my family) when needed?
  8. Am I able to cope with social and emotional challenges in my life?
  9. Can I read, write, and do basic math well enough to care for myself and my family?
  10. Do I have adequate food and clothing and the reserves to meet emergencies?