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What is GEF?

How does it work?

Contributions to the GEF come from a variety of sources, but mostly from fellow colleagues.  Employees may make contributions through continuous payroll deduction or one-time contributions.  Even one dollar per paycheck goes a long way to helping. 

Community and family members of Genesis residents and patients can also donate as a way to say “thank you” for the care their loved ones received while at one of Genesis’ Centers or Gyms. 

Click here to learn more how your donation can help someone in need.

Grant Requests are made by employees or their co-workers who are suffering unforeseen hardships due to funeral expenses, loss of home due to natural disasters, concerns regarding domestic abuse, or sudden and extreme illness.  Supporting documentation is gathered by the GEF Administrative team and the situation is presented to the GEF Voting Committee for a vote.  The Voting Committee is comprised of 15-20 fellow employees from all geographical areas of Genesis HealthCare, and represents a variety of positions.  The Committee meets weekly to determine how best to help employees in need, and guidelines are followed as they act as stewards of grant funding.  Confidentiality is always maintained as the Committee fairly and consistently reviews each individual grant application.

Click here to learn more how you can request a grant either for yourself or a co-worker in need.